The Playstation (Vita) TV

The PlayStation TV, formally known as the PlayStation Vita TV in Aus. is basically a PS Vita without the screen, with a few extra features and limitations.  Outside of it’s ability to allow you to play a large number of PS Vita games on a large TV (see for a full list), it’s primary function in my house is to allow remote play of PS 4 games on a different TV.  Thus if the little’ns are using the Wii U/360/PS3 on the TV we primary use for the PS4, I can use the Remote Play feature of the PS TV in the games room to fire up and use the PS4.

The thing itself is tiny, measuring about the same size as a pack of cards (and lighter than one too).  It’s hard to keep it flat with a HDMI, Network Cable and Power coming out the back (Think I might Velcro mine down).



A teeny tiny console

Cool stuff with Remote Play on PS TV

  • It’s tiny – Tiny is good
  • It’s silent – My PS4 is very noisy .. when it’s going full bore I can hear it two rooms away
  • You can use PS3 DualShock controllers to play PS4 games  – Handy when playing some 4 player Towerfall, as I only have three DualShock 4 controllers
  • It can start up the PS4 remotely if it’s not already on  – And power it down too
  • Lag is not an issue – Well not any lag I can perceive anyhow (connected over a wired gigabit network to the PS4)

Uncool stuff with Remote Play on PS TV

  • Remote Play screen is very dark  – I had to pump the PS4 brightness all the way up when playing Dragon Age (Note I find this the same issue when using Vita’s Remote Play feature as well)
  • If you want to play a non-digital download game, then the disk needs to be in the PS4 – Bleedin’ obvious, but I’ve had to track back a few times because my boys had switched discs on me.
  • Maximum output is 1080i or 720p – A 1080p option would have been nice
  • Most other peripherals do not function  Such as PlayStation Move Controllers, Skylander Portals etc  Though supported Bluetooth Headsets are  .. well .. supported.

Some Non-Remote Play Stuff

  • You can use Vita game cards in it
  • It only has 1GB of internal memory for Vita games/saves, so you want to use it to play Vita games (Freedom Wars is awesome with a controller), then you will have to fork out for the overpriced Vita memory cards (BTW when using a memory card, the internal memory gets disabled)
  • PAL version comes with three download codes – Worms Revolution Extreme, Velocity Ultra and OliOli
  • Counts as one of three SEN handheld activations (e.g. I have two Vita’s and the PS TV registered to the one account)

For us PAL people, PlayStation have an excellent full FAQ on it’s capabilities, features and limits, which you can find at

For $149AUD or $199AUD with an DualShock 4, it can be a cheap(er) option than buying an additional PS4, though only if both are not going to be in use at the same time.


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